We, at Rajika, believe that the only way to reach a wider audience is by deepening an appreciation for the arts, addressing the inequity in arts distribution and translating the value of cultural and artistic practices to younger generations.

Our long standing relationships with India’s major arts organisations equip us to aid practitioners in reaching a wider and varied audience, a connection that is further solidified by harnessing the capabilities of digital marketing and social media tools to draw the interest of new audiences and increase cultural engagement. The scope of our work extends to helping selected arts organisations identify, nurture and share the works of up-and-coming practitioners to systemically deepen and diversify their audience.

We aim to revitalise an interest in the arts, particularly among the young, by partnering with schools and colleges in select cities with the hope of instilling a life-long interest in art and culture. We aim to accelerate cultural engagement and support practitioners working on ideas for which there is a social and cultural need.